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Medical Power System
Product Details

Technique feature of product

This Medical Electric Saw & Drill System is designed according to the surgical drill requirements. It has the feature of ease use, gearless power, choose clockwise and counter direction rotation, be autoclavable. This device is made up of main body, rapid battery charger, battery. It can match many working heads, including drill, asway electric saw and reciprocating saw etc.

1.     The main body: this device is adopted imported motor which can be disinfected in high temperature and high pressure, the use life and reliability is improved a lot.

2.     Rapid battery charger: this rapid battery charger is adopted advanced rapid charge technology, the battery can be charged full in three hours and keep better of the battery’s necessary use life.

3.     Battery: Environmental protection battery, the voltage is 16.8V, no necessary to sterilization.

Technical features:

1、Charging input power supply: 100~240VAC, 50~60 Hz;

2、Standard lithium battery, rated working voltage: 14.8V;

3、Main motor stepless speed regulation, maximum no-load speed: 12500 ± 10% rpm;

4、Maximum no-load speed of electric drill: 1000 ± 10% rpm;

5、The maximum no-load swing frequency of pendulum saw: 12000 ± 10% times / min;

6、Maximum no-load reciprocating frequency of reciprocating saw: 12000 ± 10% times / min.