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Electric Plaster Cutting Saw
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Medical Electric Plaster Cutting Saw 

浙杭械备20200932 浙械广审(文)第231123-09980号
Product Details

 Electric Plaster Cutting saw is developed for the second generation products of our company; it is the newly-designed medical equipment products totally different from the first generation. Compared to the first generation of products, this new product considers the life-span of new material (such as the polyester) and medical use instruments. It is revolutionary (been improved from 20HZ to more than 133 HZ in the technical design of operation frequency. it is more swift to cut. Distance slice of the new instrument has adopted the new material; each of its technical indicators is higher than the first generation.


Product features:

1、Frequency of swing : ≥11000′/min, range of swing : ≥4°
2、Power supply :~220V,50HZ,(or AC110V,60HZ)

3、Input power:125V

4、Low noise total optimized mechanical structure and parts design

5、Alloy blade is suitable for long time use

6、The function of parenchyma protection is safe and reliable

7、Suit for cut macromolecule plastic material.